Lea R. Grover - Artist

Artist Statement

As an artist, it has always been Lea's mission to distinguish the contradictions within human nature.  She had been struck since childhood by the ability of people to be completely unaware of themselves.  As an adult, it has been her mission to use art to show the intrinsic truths of people.  They are confused, constantly at odds with themselves.  It is her hope that by showing the subjects of her portraits in multiple lights simultaneously, the viewer can reach an understanding of their personal selves.

 To accomplish this, she has juxtaposed image over pattern, media over media, incongruent textures and shades.  She uses the disharmony in these works to express the disharmony of the human condition.

Lea's newest series is a focus on beautiful women and our society's perception of them.  These women, warm and inviting, stand alone in formless, vacant space.  Despite this distance, the intent is for you, the viewer, to feel close to them.  To understand them outside of the context of the real world, where these real women daily face the pressures of not being perfect.  These are women with short legs, or broad hips, or big noses- women who every day face a society that tells them again and again that they ca be beautiful.